About Me

My name is Logan Pearce.  I am currently a public school science teacher in Austin TX.  I was born and raised in Austin, did a brief stint in the US Navy, and came back home to my favorite town in the world.

I like photography (duh) and hiking and swimming and tubing and british television and fantasy novels and my church and flip flops and beaches and grammar and physics and space travel and clever humor and movies and music and run-on sentences.

If you like my work and want some of your own, please head over my main website and schedule a session.  I am happy to shoot anything from families to couples to dogs to bands to headshots to weddings to funerals to babies to old people to rich people to poor people to happy people to sad people and even run-on sentences.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Logan,

    This is Madeline (Oscar Olszewski’s wife). You may remember me from some of the SVA happy hours. We are expecting our first baby this August and I wanted to know if you are available to shoot some maternity photos (maybe late June or early July?).

    Your work is awesome!


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