Big Island of Hawai’i, 7-1-2017


Waipio Valley


The road into Waipio Valley, about 1 mile, 20%-40% grade the whole way.  I hiked it.


Black sand beach at the bottom of the valley


Looking back into Waipio Valley


Akaka Falls


The gentle slopes of Mauna Kea, as seen from the city of Hilo, HI.  The peak is obscured by clouds, but the telescopes at the top are clearly visible when the clouds break.


Carlsmith Park, Hilo


Steam vents from Kilauea volcano.  After dark these areas glowed red with lava.  Past lava flows can be seen in the foreground.


To get to the ocean lava entry, you can hike in 4 miles along the shore from either direction across old lava flows.  On one side, locals rent bikes to make the 4 mile trip.  Halfway down the path you cross the national park boundary.


The steam plume from the lava ocean entry glows in the setting sun.  During the daylight all you can see is the steam.  Once the sun sets, the lava glows red and lights up the steam.


Lava is much more visible after sunset.  To the right, the canyon in the rocks (formed from a recent collapse of the lava, which formed the flat area you can see now) glows red from exposed lava hidden from view.


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