Bryce Canyon National Park, June 3rd, 2016

Bryce surprised me with its wonderfulness.  It might be my favorite so far (with the exception of Big Bend which always tops my list).  Despite the altitude, which is always a problem for me.  I did one hike below the rim of the canyon, the 3-mile Queen’s Garden loop.  I would love to return for a longer hike, maybe the 8-mile Fairyland loop (although I need to acclimate to the altitude for sure!)

I was also surprised to find while I was there that it was the week of the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival.  I got to see the keynote speaker, and some ‘scope viewing in one of the darkest skies in continental US.


I tried one star image.  The shutter was left open here for about 20 minutes.  Check out the trails the stars make.  This is showing how much the Earth rotates in a 20 minute period.  A significant amount!  Its easy to forget how fast we are truly moving when we’re staying still.


Vermillion Cliffs National Monument:



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