To Big Bend NP. On a Vespa. Part 1

I am currently packing for another travel adventure.  This time I am meeting some friends – and scooter hobbyists – in Big Bend NP the last week in October – about an 8 hour drive from Austin.  I am not meeting them until I get to Marfa, which means I will be riding out there on my own.  Which is both thrilling and slightly nerve wracking.

To add to the excitement, I intend to camp in the park.  Which means I intend to pack all my camping gear, clothes, and emergency supplies on the bike.  I pride myself on being an awesome packer.  So here is my solution, and packing list.

Backpack: Under-seat storage:
Tent Tire plug kit + bike tire pump
Tent stakes (outside) Jumper cables
Camp pillow Turtle fur balaclava
Pillow case Camera Bag
Thermarest camp matress Camera +2 lenses
Camp towel Manfrotto small tripod
Alight Monarch camp chair Armadillo armor jacket (hoody)
Sleeping back (outside)
Water bottles (x2) (outside) Rear case:
Camp stove Clothing (in a green shopping bag):
Propane Wool hiking socks (x2)
Headlight Sock liners (x2)
Coffee cup Wool hat
Snacks (trail mix, pro bars) Regular socks (x2)
Starbucks via Navy sweatshirt + sweatpants
Tent fan Lightweight cargo pants
Pipe + pipe tobacco Lightweight pajama pants
Backpack rain cover 3 tank tops
Pocho Hiking shorts
Emergency camp whistle 2 long sleeved shirts
Extra D batteries Undies and bras
Space blanket Sun hat
Slip on camp sandals
Hiking boots (doubles as safe riding shoes) Toiletries:
Extra gas can Shampoo + Conditioner
 iPhone + charging cable Sunscreen
 Extra bungee cables Lotion
Ear plugs
Bug bite stuff + bug spray

I’m kinda a diva when I sleep, so you’ll notice “luxury” items on there, like a little fan (if it’s hot at night) and a space blanket (if it’s cold at night).  Hey, it fits, so why not.  Also, my clothes are all packed in a green reusable shopping bag.  It fit better in the rear case than actual luggage, and it gets the job done.

Here’s how it all fits together:

Big Bend-1 Big Bend-3 Big Bend-4 Big Bend-8 Big Bend-9Urban Moto Shop in Austin hooked me up with a USB port connected to my electrical system.  I grabbed an old phone holder from my bicycle and strapped it to the headset.  The charger cable reaches across to the phone, which will allow me to have maps up and music playing all the way.

Big Bend-5 Big Bend-6I also decided to add a windshield.  I got the large Givi windscreen for Vespa GT/GTS.  Having the wind smack straight into my body gets tiring after a while, plus I am remembering all the bugs that collect on my car windshield when I head out to west Texas, so I’m thinking this was a good purchase.

Big Bend-2I just took this rig for a spin around town, and everything seemed good to go.  It throws off the weight a bit, sort of like when you have a passenger on the back, and the sleeping bag hits my helmet, sort of like a backrest.  But, overall I think this will work.

Stay tuned for pics from the trip.





One thought on “To Big Bend NP. On a Vespa. Part 1

  1. I’m impressed! You seem to have thought of everything. My only comment is …. didn’t know turtles had fur. Is it warm?

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