Farewell Adams! 8-31-2014

My dear friend Indiana Adams, of indianaelsewhere.com, and her family is moving to Atlanta this week.  She threw a heck of a send off party, and asked me to do a photobooth to help celebrate!  I also snapped a few shots of the party, in between photobooth-ing.

Adams Farewell-2 Adams Farewell-6 Adams Farewell-12 Adams Farewell-16 Adams Farewell-19 Adams Farewell-26 Adams Farewell-28 Adams Farewell-32 Adams Farewell-33 Adams Farewell-40 Adams Farewell-43 Adams Farewell-50 Adams Farewell-55 Adams Farewell-56 Adams Farewell-58 Adams Farewell-64 Adams Farewell-66 Adams Farewell-67 Adams Farewell-71 Adams Farewell-77 Adams Farewell-81 Adams Farewell-84 Adams Farewell-92 Adams Farewell-99 Adams Farewell-107 Adams Farewell-112 Adams Farewell-117 Adams Farewell-124 Adams Farewell-131 Adams Farewell-133 Adams Farewell-135 Adams Farewell-136


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