Southwest astronomy and space science tour 6-22-2014

This June I went to a symposium on Mars education in Tempe, AZ, put on by the Mars Education Program at Arizona State University.  To round out the space nerdness I decided to drive and visit all kinds of space and national park sites along the way.

Spaceport America: The soon-to-be launch and landing site for Virgin Galactic and SpaceX operations.  Located near Truth or Consequences, NM.

Arizona-7       This view is the entrance to the terminal.  It is designed to blend in with the local landscape.





This is the operations center.  The windows at the top is the ground control tower.




























The runway.  Soon, spacecraft from Virgin Galactic will take off and land here.





























This is the main terminal where astronauts (yes, that is what Virgin Galactic will call its passengers) will train and debrief, and family and press will be during the flight.











Saguaro National Park: Tuscon, AZ

Arizona-25 Arizona-40 Arizona-39 Arizona-32 Arizona-28



















































































Grand Canyon National Park: Near Flagstaff, AZ.  This was taken during the symposium.  The Grand Canyon was used as a model for understanding geologic history using observations of rock layers, as an analog for the same types of observations to be made on Mars.

Arizona-42 Arizona-46_sm




























Meteor Crater: Near Flagstaff, AZ










Lowell Observatory: Flagstaff, AZ

Arizona-71 Arizona-76 Arizona-78 Arizona-79 Arizona-80



Arizona-74This is the actual telescope Perceval Lowell used to make the images that allowed him to observe Pluto for the first time.


Petrified Forest National Park:

Arizona-88 Arizona-86


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