5 years of City Life Church

My family celebrated this week 5 years of being a church in central Austin.  Words cannot capture adequately what they have meant to me over the last 5 years.  It was my pleasure to compile a photo collage for the stage (with the help of many) and to document the anniversary service.

acl 5th anniversary-wm-1 acl 5th anniversary-wm-2 acl 5th anniversary-wm-3 acl 5th anniversary-wm-4 acl 5th anniversary-wm-5 acl 5th anniversary-wm-6 acl 5th anniversary-wm-7 acl 5th anniversary-wm-8 acl 5th anniversary-wm-9 acl 5th anniversary-wm-10 acl 5th anniversary-wm-11 acl 5th anniversary-wm-12 acl 5th anniversary-wm-13 acl 5th anniversary-wm-14 acl 5th anniversary-wm-15 acl 5th anniversary-wm-16 acl 5th anniversary-wm-17


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