What the heck is happening here??

So, I just decided recently to sort of make ago of this photography thing. It just sort of… fell in my lap really.  Let me explain.

I have been teaching myself photography as a hobby really since about 2003.  It’s something I really love.  I used to go to bookstores in my spare time and read all the photography magazines (and not buying them! Shhhh!), and went all over the place experimenting with this and that.  Doing this, I learned about composition and the technical aspects, and I came away with a few images that really worked, I think (the image in the title of my blog was made in 2008 in Washington state, and is still one of my favorites).  I also really explored photoshop, and fell in love with editing photos, learning as much as I could about what that program can do.  But it was mostly images from wherever I was living at the time, of landscapes and objects.  (I also spent a brief time work at Picture People in the mall!  I learned about posing and talking to subjects, but that job is mostly about selling!  Not my strong suit)

In late 2010, my best friend asked me to photography engagement and bridal photos for her, which I happily did, not knowing what would come out of it.  She was extremely happy, and the word began to spread among my friends.  Before I knew it, I had several more sessions scheduled with friends and co-workers for all kinds of things!  Band promotional photos, more bridals, newborns, even a trash-the-dress shoot.  I got to the point where I either needed to stop doing this for people, or start charging for all the work.

So here I am.  For better or worse.  I’m not quitting my day job just yet, but who knows where this will go.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a brief montage of my work over the years.


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